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Welcome to Mom Moving Mountains!

Tasha and Tavoris

Meet the Family

T, my husband, is my easy going IT geek. He is “Everything Georgia.” GO FALCONS! My daughter, Riah is my typical teen. I am definitely ready for this phase to be over.

I also have two sons; JaBo and TJ . These two keep me on my feet. They love all video games and seeing who can get on my last nerve.

I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


About Tasha

I’m Tasha, the content creator behind this blog. I am just a small town South GA girl who moved to the big city of Atlanta for college. LOL! I now reside in the suburbs of Atlanta with my beautify family. I have am loving this adventure that we call our life, and can’t wait to share it with you all.

 About the Blog

As a mom, I feel that we are often expected to move whatever mountain that forms in our paths.  We place all of the stress on ourselves to get everything done. I find this to be true whether you are with a partner or single.

As a mom working outside of the home full-time, I often would find the easy fixes for situations. I would throw money and/or “things” at each situation instead of taking the time to change patterns or carve out time.

This caused so many more issues to the point that I felt myself falling off the makeshift cliffs that I had built.  My kids of course loved being spoiled.  However, it created chaos within my relationship and myself.  

In 2014, I was diagnose with the Chronic Kidney Disease FSGS and my life changed drastically.

I had to start making decisions that were not only best for my family, but for ME as well!

Mom Moving Mountains

I want this to blog inspire other working moms, inside and outside of the home, by helping them to turn their mountains into molehills.

I want to be able to help others through my experiences. You might learn something or enjoy the moments that we share.  Either way, I am glad you stopped by.

Get ready to enjoy your time with us.

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About Me

About Me

Welcome to Mom Moving Mountains! I'm just a millennial mom of 3 trying to turn my mountains into molehills. Read More About Me Here


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