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Welcome to Mom Moving Mountains!

About Tasha

I’m Tasha, the content creator behind this blog. I am just a small town South GA girl who moved to the big city of Atlanta for college. LOL! I now reside in the suburbs of Atlanta with my beautify family. I have am loving this adventure that we call our life, and can’t wait to share it with you all.

 About the Blog

As a mom, I feel that we are often expected to move whatever mountain that forms in our paths.  We place all of the stress on ourselves to get everything done. I find this to be true whether you are with a partner or single.

As a mom working outside of the home full-time, I often would find the easy fixes for situations. I would throw money and/or “things” at each situation instead of taking the time to change patterns or carve out time.

This caused so many more issues to the point that I felt myself falling off the makeshift cliffs that I had built.  My kids of course loved being spoiled.  However, it created chaos within my relationship and myself.  

In 2014, I was diagnose with the Chronic Kidney Disease FSGS and my life changed drastically.

I had to start making decisions that were not only best for my family, but for ME as well!

Mom Moving Mountains

I want this to blog inspire other working moms, inside and outside of the home, by helping them to turn their mountains into molehills.

I want to be able to help others through my experiences. You might learn something or enjoy the moments that we share.  Either way, I am glad you stopped by.

Get ready to enjoy your time with us.

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